The Paradise Group is a leading submersible pump exporter in India. With our consistent focus on technological innovation, we have successfully gained the heights of success in the submersible pump industry. Our team focuses primarily on the quality of the products to ensure that we deliver highly efficient pumps to our clients. We have a global presence, and we are consistently expanding our reach.

Our submersible pumps are used extensively in the agricultural fields. They are designed to meet the domestic and agricultural pumping. Submersible pumps are installed mostly in the borewells, boreholes etc. We make highly durable pumps that function very efficiently even though they are submerged in water.


Our Products


Benefits of Solar Pump

The Paradise Group supplies pumps with high levels of power efficiency. They are manufactured using high-grade materials and therefore, they are easy to maintain. The main goal of our organization is to help the farmers, and therefore, we supply top-quality submersible pumps to ease the work of the farmers.

Long Operation Life

No Fuel Cost

Eco Friendly

Highly Reliable and Durable